Performance Art

Peace with Name And space

金沢市の英霊の名前555名分を日本語(書)英語(フレンチカリグラフィー)にて制作それを順にならべる中を炎の舞がくりひろげられる。平和/PEACE の文字をフランス人アーティストと日本人アーティストが国籍と歴史を超えて現代を共有する。

we draw this 555 people names on the paper. those name is Japanese soldier and the person who died ( of Kanazawa area)
we draw both side in English and Japanese. we share the time cross the countrys,and we are thinking PEACE together.
we draw new futer.


the other point, this Ishikawa Gokoku shrine chief priest said,we have wide garden( space ),Old time the citizen came and enjoyed this shrine but now time is moving and young generation don't use.

I think, Old time shrine was a kind of community space so like a park.and it is a point that inportant. we remenber and get back this mening ,we should use more these space,

and this time I used at my art works.

But like this event that another art project tryed and think it. For example
the 3331 Arts Chiyoda(まちの機能を活性化するために公共空間に必要なものとは?
the 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art (変容する家
so we should think and try more kind of activitys yourself. it is our new futer, I feeling so.


23.j 2018.sep.23かく









 Charlotte Suzanne Tournet

this is project of the beyond 2020 event

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