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calligraphy or painting

It means, Japanese calligraphy is just a one stroke,
if I make the line I cannot go back again.
if you used "Sumi (Japanese ink), Fude (traditional calligraphy brush), and Suzuri (calligraphy of stone)" just a material.
If you made a copy to a character-shape and used a lot of brash works, that is drawing.
One of most important is how do moving to brush and reading the line work.
Paintings can be built up over time, with many strokes, while calligraphy cannot. Only having a one chance.
When you got a calligraphy skill, you can see a calligraphy work.
If you see a calligraphy line, how do make a line (how do moved the Fude activity) with the calligraphy-frame artwork
that you can understand by your brain too.
it is a calligraphy reading.

About "calligraphy or painting".



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