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Calligraphy of EbRu

We thinking about to SDGs and try do the workshop.

Day  21-22.March.2020
Time AM11:00-PM05:00
Artist  23 & EbRu


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YouTube streaming in 8-point inn KANAZAWA Day and Time Live calligraphy performance
21th  13:00-   15:00-  17:00- 22th  13:00-  15:00-  17:00-

ADRESS 〒920-0997 石川県金沢市竪町45-2 CoCoTTo KANAZAWA 5F 

Cooperation OneOneOttaBLUE MONDAYあうん堂
Support DK art cafe Project MATSUBAYASHI KENJI LABORATORY株式会社みずべ

Calligraphy of EbRu: テキスト
Calligraphy of EbRu: ギャラリー
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